About us

In 2002 my parents Rob and Ellen Vermeulen bought La Pimousserie. Because they ever wanted to live permanently; but that will take a while, they decided to rent the house until that time. Internet lured and building websites was a hobby of my father. Pretty soon my father was approached by other Dutch, Belgian and English with a house in the Dordogne if he wanted to add the house to the sites. Especially Erik Hurts (owner of Les Acacias) is giving useful information about the area. The result is DordogneMaison.com. Meanwhile DordogneMaison is one of the largest websites that focuses on tourism in the Dordogne and its surrounding departments in Southwest France.

In 2014 I (Babs Vermeulen) taken over all the operations. I have a commercial background and experience in the Advertising and Marketing Industry and as France minded as my parents

Our philosophy
is not a commercialsite. Our aim is to promote the Dordogne - Perigord region in all its aspects. If you would like us to present your house at our site, we will only charge you a small amount for every week, we rent out your house through our website in order to cover our variable costs. If you are interested, please click on the link below.

Babs Vermeulen - Erik Hurts - Rob en Ellen Vermeulen


DordogneMaison mediates only between landlord and tenant. DordogneMaison is no party in a possible rental agreement between landlord and tenant. The data and photographs of the house(s) have been made available by the landlord to DordogneMaison. DordogneMaison is not responsible for the correctness of these data. This is the responsibility of the landlord. In the case of incorrectness of data provided by the landlord concerning his house to DordogneMaison, DordogneMaison has the right to remove the house from its website.