Dordogne in the Fall

During the day, excursions and discovery,
and spend the evening with a glass of wine, foie gras and a book by the fireplace,: Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Perigord ...

Truffles: the Black Diamond

The truffle is an underground fungus (mushroom type), which grows at the base of oak trees. Because they are rare, hard to find and delicious, they are almost priceless, and are also called the black diamond of the Périgord. The truffle is added restaurants of special dishes and the taste is unparalleled. The search took place earlier with trained pigs, nowadays many with dogs. Beware of wild boar in your garden. Who love truffles and shifts them to a whole garden. The harvest season is from November to March. In Sorges there is a truffle museum and there is a truffle trail (Le Sentier des truffières).
People have been trying for years to reduce the truffles to grow, but so far nobody has succeeded. 

Walnuts, chestnuts and cider

The Dordogne is famous for its orchards of walnut trees. There are four varieties of walnuts, which have a particular name: Franquette, Grandjean, Corne and Marbot. The total area of walnut trees is about 4000 hectares and the harvest takes place in October. There are many festivals in honor of walnut, chestnut, apple cider harvest, like the one in Cublac near Terrasson in October with a large fair and flee market.

Noix de PerigordTypical dishes with walnuts: walnut cake, walnut oil and walnut wine (liquor), nutbutter and jelly.
There is a Walnut Route, which passes the largest orchards and mills: the Route de la Noix. There are four sections, each one of around 50km. There is a walnut museum in Castelnaud-la-Chapelle: Écomusée de la noix du Périgord.

Weather in Autumn

September and October are excellent months for a visit to the region. The big tourist crowds have left. The temperatures are still excellent. Fluctuating during the day between 20 and 26 degrees . The pools usually remain open until mid-October and the pool temperature is around 20 degrees. Many houses have a heated swimming pool (sometimes at extra cost) or a poolcover, which extends the holiday season. In November, during daytime the weather can be still agreable, but the evenings are chilly and the nights cold. Heaters are being put on or the fireplace is being lit, gives a cozy atmosphere. Owners of houses that do not have adequate heating, mention this clearly and they close from the end of October till the beginning of April.

Autumn is an ideal time to enjoy many attractions of the region such as caves, caverns or castles or the gentle and quiet nature with impressive views during long walks.

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The search for mushrooms

The search for edible mushrooms is very popular in France. It can be dangerous to go alone without expert knowledge. There are edible, poisonous mushrooms and even drug shrooms. It is best to search together with a local Frenchman. They know the species. Popular are the chanterelles (girolles) and cep (cèpes). The mushrooms grow explosively in October, especially if the weather is a bit humid.

  The belling season

Cerf - automne - brame - burlen - roaringIn the early autumn you can hear a screeching sound with echoes in the woods and hills of the Dordogne. Belling is the word used for the call of the deer during the rutting, another word for the mating season. The rutting season starts with the female, becoming fertile. The male responds immediately. Both males and females often change in terms of in behavior, appearance and smell during the rutting season. The mating of the female ends when she is fertilized. When a male bells and makes his long guttural emissions, he stretches his neck, rolls his lips and nostrils and he stares into ecstasy. The belling sound has several effects: 1) the females know that there is a male. 2) It intimidates rivals. 3) It would accelerate the ovulation of females (not scientifically proven).

  Grape picking and wine making

The most famous wine regions of France are between Bergerac and Bordeaux and in the Medoc. The most famous Bergerac wines are: Monbazillac, Pécharmant, Montravel, Saussignac and Rosette.
Picking Grapes: From August to October the winemakers are hiring temporary employees. A nice break after you study. Wages are low, nutrtion and lodging are free, but the team spirit is tremendous and it's really enjoyable.
Winemaking: The Castle of Monbazillac is located in the heart of the prestigious vineyard that also bears its name. The castle is open all year for individual visits or guided tours. At the end of the visit to the castle you may tatte the wines Monbazillac..

Discovering Caves and Castles

Steve Burman of Caves and Castles is a professional archaeologist, historian and guide. He lives on site in Montignac and organizes excursions to caves and castles till the end of October. He can explain and talk animatedly about the origins and history of different places. You will long remember the Vezere valley after you lhave left . Check out the various tours offered and discover the best of this beautiful area. E-mail - Website 

Cave and Castles Tours - Perigord - Dordogne - Southwest France

Walnut cake

Grind 1 cup walnut halves in a blender - 250 g sugar - 250 gram flour - 4 eggs - ½ cup walnut oil - ½ glass of white wine -1 / 2 cup water - 1 packet yeast - 1 pinch of salt. Mix the eggs and sugar, add the white wine, salt, nuts, oil, yeast and flour. Put everything in a buttered baking tin. 50 minutes in an oven at a moderate temperature

Gâteau aux Noix

 Autumn Recipe

Magret de canard aux cèpes (duck breast with porcini mushrooms)

3 Duck breasts (for 6 persons)
Parsley, mushrooms, as much as you want, 1 clove garlic
Preparation time: 10 minutes. Cooking time: 20 minutes.

Preparation: Take the duck breasts one hour before cooking out of the fridge. Put these in a frying pan and roast these gently. Sprinkle salt and pepper ONLY on the flesh side, not on the skin side.

When the guests have arrived, start with the preparation. Put the duck breast first on the skin side in a skillet, about 10 minutes, slowly until it is tender. After 10 minutes turn the duck over and cook the other side another 10 minutes. Turn oven to position 4-5. Wrap the duck breasts in aluminum foil and put them in the oven until the moment of serving. The breasts should be eaten warm.

Side dishes: mushrooms fried in a pan with goose fat and a clove of garlic and potatoes, sprinkled with parsley.