Leisure & sport

Leisure and Sport

For the holiday-makers, who love sports and activities, we have much information about golf courses, canoe  trips, walking tours, bicycle tours and workshops. We give always extensive information based on our own experience and perceptions, with links to original sites. Families with children should consult our pages with amusement parks, recreational lakes with beaches and zoos.

Fireworks in the Dordogne, Lot & Corrèze

Fireworks in the DordogneFireworks in the DordogneBiars: 13 July (Lot)
St. Céré: 13 July (Lot)
Argentat: 14 July (Correze)
Vayrac: 14 July (Lot)
Bretenoux: 14 July (Lot)
Sarlat: 14 July
Terrasson : 14 July
Castelnaud : 22 July
Peyrillac-et-Millac: 29 July
Calviac: 5 August
Veyrignac : 12 August
Cazoulès : 13 August
Groléjac : 14 August
Limejouls : 15 August
Gourdon: 15 August
Payrignac : 19 August