Het weer

The Dordogne is a transition area in terms of climate. There are mild winters and the summer temperatures are on average 5 degrees above those in England, the Netherlands and Belgium. The temperature varies greatly by region. The location of the valleys, the profile and the position of the sun in relation to the hills, the open areas, forests and lakes provide a varied whole of specific zones.

Summer in the Dordogne
Summer is normally long and it can be very hot. The best months for a visit are May and June because the days can be wonderfully warm. But September and October are also excellent months for a visit. If it is still misty in the morning and it clears up later you will see the surroundings at their best! The past summers were relatively warm 30-35 degrees and very dry. There is quite often a thunderstorm, especially in the Vézèredal and the Southwest of the department. From time to time, showers can occur that disappear as quickly as they came.